What Is Speedreading?

SpeedReading People is a revolutionary new system for communicating using proven techniques for instantly grasping what drives another person, so you can tailor your approach for maximum impact.

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The Type Success Profile System

Users complete our quick, validated personality type assessment and instantly download a succinct, accurate, customized report that identifies their unique Strengths, Potential Blind Spots and proven Success Strategies.

Reports are 100% customized to help users achieve their greatest success as managers, coaches, salespeople, learners, collaborators and many other roles. This proprietary tool is simple, economical and easy to implement.

To date, we have developed over one dozen targeted Success Profiles.

Applying Personality Type in Healthcare

SRP is pioneering the use of Personality Type to improve medical adherence and increase patient satisfaction. We are currently engaged in three pilots - two with a leading medical facility and one with a major insurance company. All three pilots have ground-breaking implications for patients, healthcare providers and insurers.

Lack of adherence costs the US economy an estimated three hundred billion dollars per year. Our innovative tools and individualized approach has the potential to improve the quality of life for millions of patients, and to save billions of dollars.