“ SpeedReading People is becoming the most popular section of any of the classes we deliver.”  - Organizational Performance Section Chief, U.S. Coast Guard Leadership Development Center

About SpeedReading People®

SpeedReading People® is a revolutionary new system for communicating using proven techniques for instantly grasping what drives another person, so you can tailor your approach for maximum impact. 

Based on the Jungian model of Personality Type, the SpeedReading People® System is the only easy-to-use, practically applied program of its kind.  It is designed to provide the cutting edge tools everyone needs in order to expertly:

1.  SpeedREAD: quickly identify key personality type characteristics of others -- based on readily observable clues such as demeanor, body language, appearance, energy level, vocabulary, and speech patterns.


2.  SpeedREACH: instantly develop rapport and get on another person’s wavelength.

Communications Training, Consulting, and Coaching programs are available for professionals in any industry and can be customized for any group within an organization for maximum practical application.

Train-the-Trainer SpeedReading People® Certification is available as well as End User training for any size group, conducted by SRP Certified Trainers.   Additionally, one-on-one SpeedReading People® Executive Coaching is also available.  To receive an information packet, click here.