SpeedReading People® for Sales Professionals

Based on the Jungian model of Personality Type, the SpeedReading People® System is the only easy-to-use, highly customizable, practically applied program of its kind. The SpeedReading People® Sales System gives anyone in a relationship business the cutting edge tools and expertise they need to:

  • Quickly develop rapport with any individual.
  • Appeal to each client’s core values and key motivations.
  • Provide the exact amount and type of information each client requires.
  • Develop and strengthen client relationships.

Through the online tools and one-day workshop, participants quickly become experts at:

1) SpeedREADING: quickly identifying key personality type characteristics in potential clients – based on readily observable clues such as appearance, demeanor, body language, energy level, vocabulary and speech patterns.

2) SpeedREACHING: instantly developing rapport and getting on another person’s wavelength.

The three key elements to the SRP system: 

  • The Core Training Workshop
  • The Electronic SpeedReading Profiler
  • The SRP Skill Builder

1.  The Core Training Workshop:

Through the use of video interviews, team exercises and role-playing, this highly dynamic and interactive workshop allows anyone to become an expert at the art of both SpeedREADING any individual’s personality type as well as SpeedREACHING them for maximum positive impact. The examples, role-playing scenarios and team exercises are customized for each client. 

2. The Electronic SpeedReading Profiler:

In conjunction with the training, each participant learns how to use SRP’s proprietary online expert system, the Electronic SpeedReading People Profiler (ESP).  At the touch of a button, this on-line expert system provides:

  • A concise, accurate profile of any client or co-worker and specific, targeted, and proven recommendations for most successfully making a positive impact with each person.
  • A unique user ID, password protection, and the ability to store and instantly retrieve profiles for each entered individual.

3. Online SpeedReading People® Skill Builder: 

Follow up training and skill testing is available instantly through this unique tool. Additional SpeedReading People® video interviews are available 24/7 online for participants to reinforce their new skills and bring their new expertise to the next level.

SpeedReading People® Executive Coaching: